President with or without military background good or bad ???

Not sure how to feel about a man who is in charge of our military and having no military background, seems to be the problem with most companies and trades the ones who seem to be in charge have never lifted a finger or had to pay dues to get to where they are at , and for the workers getting their hands dirty it seems to be a slap in the face.

More numbers….

US Army active component: 539,675
US Army Reserve component: 557,375 
Total Army: 1,097,050

USMC Active: 203,000
USMC Reserve: 40,000
USMC Total: 243,000

US Navy: 332,000

USAF active: 327,452
USAF reserve: 115,300
Air National Guard: 106,700
USAF Total:549,452

Total military: 2,221,502

USCG: 49.973

Total military w/ USCG: 2,271,475



I’m sure that most of the higher ranking people in this list would be better suited to handle military operations other than 2 guys that have never served or at very least been in basic training.

Then there is the arguement that an ex- military leader would stir more wars and relations that could lead to unwanted fueds. Or the other side of a non military guy that is a little too laid-back about certain issues in the world that would call for and aggressive action, all falls to matter of opinion…

The one thing that sparked my thought on this issue was thinking about all the years in the autobody trade, for years and I have seen many so called “managers”  bullshit their way into the office and had the balls to tell workers that could run the whole shop with their eyes closed how to do their jobs. These situations never went too well having a booksmart individual tell a hands on worker how to perform a job they have been doing for years. So I wonder how military personal think about a president putting millions of people on the front line and having never been in that situation before ??

There should be a standard if the work ladder starts at 1 and 10 being the highest by the time you reach 10 you should have had your time in from 1 through 9 not “0” right up to the top because you are a good talker, in my opinion this situation is whats wrong in any form of business and higher ups in the world. Just because you hold a positon doesn’t mean you should be there……..

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